A humanoid race with feline features. The Zhid have fur, claws, distinctive ears and long teeth, and are slightly shorter than humans and Dolmari. Their natural habitat appears to be alpine, and they are known to have mounts known as 'leapfurs'.

Prior to the Azadi occupation, the Zhid were already discriminated against by many among the other Marcurian races. After the occupation, they found themselves in the same situation as the other magical races and thus, ironically, the Azadi have provided them with a degree of equality.

Kian Alvane interrogates a cowardly Zhid at swordpoint to get some information about the Scorpion. Despite his disgust for the Zhid, claiming they are no more than animals, he nevertheless finds female Zhid 'strangely attractive' however, the more open-minded Zoe Castillo is downright envious of their beauty, wishing she could look half-leopard.

The Zhid are capable of inter-mixing with other species. Ragnar has explained that Minstrum Magda is half Zhid, half human.http//www.twitch.tv/redthreadgames/b/370112870 Dreamfall playthrough - Half Zhid (43250).

==Dreamfall Chapters==
Enu, a Zhid Rebel, features as an important character in Dreamfall Chapters. Also, references to Na'ane is a "Zhidmari" strongly suggest that she is half Zhid, half Dolmari.