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'''Zack Lee''' is one of the inhabitants of the Border House in 2209.

Zack is widely regarded as a very obnoxious type and is disliked by many of the people who live in the Border House, especially April Ryan, who lives across the hall from his room. She says Zack often 'happens' to be in the Border House's bathroom while she's using the shower, and Zack clearly thinks she finds him irresistible. Zack spends a lot of time partying and seems to have a liking for Amathin. He is a student at VAVA studying film, and has an ad on the noticeboard there requesting an exorbitant amount for antique film equipment.

When April is trying to track down Cortez, she is forced to agree to go on a date with Zack before he'll tell her Cortez is at the Mercury Theatre. This ends badly in one scenario, April stands him up in favour of a Royn Dale concert at the Fringe Cafe and "makes him look stupid in front of his friends" - in the other, Zack tries to feel April up while they're out at the Pavillion and gets slapped in the face and/or kicked in the groin. Humiliated either way, Zack is furious and swears revenge on April, and later sells her out to the Vanguard after they come looking for her.

Zack is last seen when a group of Vanguard agents headed by Gordon Halloway pursues April through the Border House. Zack attempts to block her escape, but as April chews him out for ratting her and the others out, Zack's scared disposition indicates that he has fully realized that he is way of out of his depth, and he even expresses regret for what he has done. He is then shot and apparently killed by a Vanguard agent aiming for April.

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