Wood Spirit

AKA the "voice of all trees"

The Wood Spirit is the first inhabitant of Arcadia that April meets. It speaks to her through the tree that grows beside the Mother's nest. As the tree is dying, the Wood Spirit has come to give it comfort in its final hours.

The Wood Spirit describes itself as 'the voice of all trees'. When it appears to April, it looks like a luminescent green mask on the trunk of the tree that acts as its voice. It describes the Mother's battle with 'Chaos Vortex', and explains that the tree is fading because it has no water.

The Wood Spirit is rather dour when it first meets April, because she snaps a twig off the tree without thinking. It is quite resigned to what's happening, telling April that, although the tree is dying, "unlike you, we accept our fate". It is simply there to ease the tree's 'passing to earth'. It tells her its only regret at the tree's imminent death is that the Mother entrusted it to guard her egg while she was gone, and the tree is now too weak to save the egg from the edge of the cliff.

When April restores the flow of water to the tree, it immediately recovers, to the Wood Spirit's great joy. Now rejuvenated, the tree uses its roots to rescue the egg and put it safely back in the nest.

The Wood Spirit is voiced by Ron Foster.

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