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= http//www.imdb.com/name/nm0029460/ Jack Angel= http//www.imdb.com/name/nm0072758/ Tim Bentinck}} {{Quote. I missed you when you were gone... I used to sit in the window and watch for you all day and all night."''
''"You're breaking my heart, Wonkers. We need to find you a friend.Zoë Castillo}} Wonkers is Zoe Castillo's Watilla, whom Gabriel bought for her at the age of four after her mother died. Wonkers was presumably her playmate and watchdog when she was small, but now he functions as her organiser and a companion at home. He also interfaces with the household server and takes messages for her. Zoë mentions that Wonkers is a quite outdated Watilla model by 2219's standards, but she cannot bear to part with him for sentimental reasons. Reza Temiz leaves an automatic message with Wonkers that activates after he disappears, telling Zoë to go into his safe and get his notepad. When Zoë needs to retrieve a password from Reza's Watilla, she has to borrow some components from Wonkers to reactivate Lucia after she's attacked by a Spider. Wonkers has a very different personality to Lucia whereas Lucia is quite bouncy and enthusiastic, Wonkers just wants to keep Zoë happy, whether that means making sure she keeps her appointments or comforting her when she's crying. He's also very fond of games, and keeps asking Zoë to play with him. Wonkers is voiced by http//www.imdb.com/name/nm0029460/ Jack Angel, who voiced a similar robot, Teddy, in the film ''Artificial Intelligence AI''. This was a deliberate choice by creator Ragnar Tornquist. === Easter Egg === The main easter egg in ''Dreamfall'' comes from returning Wonkers' brain to him after activating Lucia. This produces a scene at the end where he comforts Zoë on her return from Russia, as well as an exchange with Helena Chang while Zoë is under the influence of Morpheus. === Trivia === * Once Wonkers has played Reza's message for Zoë, if she asks him about it afterwards, he says he doesn't know what message she means. This is a reference to Star Wars once R2-D2 has played the recording of Princess Leia asking Obi-Wan Kenobi for help, under questioning he then claims to know nothing about it. * Funcom attempted to create a toy of Wonkers, but was unhappy with the final result.http//www.formspring.me/RagnarTornquist/q/911412817 Ragnar's Formspring - Wonkers toy {{SpoilersDFC}} == Wonkers in Dreamfall Chapters == FileChapterswonkers.jpg Zoë has brought Wonkers with her in her move from Casablanca to Europolis, where he sits on her bed in Sonnenschein Plaza. However, in Book One of Dreamfall Chapters, he can not be activated. According to Zoë, his battery barely holds a charge. Until she acquires a new battery for him, he won't be able to speak. For the time being, all he does is sleep. No trace of Wonkers can be found in the following Books. In Book Three Realms however, Zoë is wearing a Watilla hoodie – an interesting statement of fandom considering that Waticorp is the evil force behind it all. ==References== ruВонкерс CategoryDreamfall CategoryStark CategoryCharacters CategoryEaster Eggs CategoryDreamfall Characters CategoryDreamfall Chapters Characters