A place that exists between worlds, the Winter appears as a desolate wintry landscape, with an eerie Black House in the middle of it. The Winter resembles the Storytime slightly in that it is an empty world - it also has the same dark sky with falling stars and several deep, icy crevasses like those in the Storytime that Zoe refuses to approach. This is the landscape that appears to Zoë Castillo on screens throughout Dreamfall, inhabited by a little girl called Faith. When she is hooked up to the Dreamer Console, Zoe awakens in the Winter, and is sent from there to Arcadia by Faith.

The part of the Winter that we see was created by Faith when she physically died. Her entire life was lived in an observation room in a laboratory in Russia, a room with only a few token furnishings - a bed, a wardrobe, a grandfather clock, and only a doll's house for her to play with. The windows were one-way, and whited out to prevent Faith from seeing the scientists running the tests. Therefore, the entire world, to Faith, consisted of a single room where the world outside was white and featureless, and her only reference for what the outside of her 'home' looked like was her doll's house. This is why the Black House opens up like a doll's house, and consists of a single upstairs room with the same furnishings as the observation room.

Faith has control over the Winter; it is her own private world, presumably created using the same power Zoë reportedly has as a Dreamer. When Faith finally passes away in Zoë's arms and disappears, the Winter gradually grows brighter and brighter until it vanishes entirely.


* During an interview, Ragnar Tornquist claimed that Faith only created that part of the Winter with her house in it ("The rest of the Winter - no") and that it has links to the Storytime. The Winter and Storytime actually use the same graphics set with a palette change.
* In the manual for Dreamfall, the Winter is described as being "everywhere and everywhen - behind and between". This description strongly resembles the terms used to describe the House of All Worlds.

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