Prophesied figure of Alatien mythology one who can fly without wings (not a human who comes without a ship, as April tries to guess). The Teller says that the Windbringer is so named because her arrival is the first sign of the return of the 'Day of Ascension', on which the Alatien and the Maerum once came to Earth, "before the Divide, when the Earth was one and humans had yet to learn of magic, and science", and which will one day return them home.

April fulfils her obligation to fly without wings by using two magical potions, one to increase the wind blowing through a chasm, and one to make herself light as a leaf so she can jump across. Before she may talk to the Teller, however, she has to prove to the Alatien Watchman that she is one of the Alatien by knowing (or rather learning) four of their tales by heart and answering questions on them.

April's visit is the start of the reunification of the Alatien and the Maerum, and also proves she is worthy of both the Maerum Stone and the Alatien Stone.

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