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==The Longest Journey==
The '''reborn White Dragon''' hatched towards the end of The Longest Journey. At the time April acknowledged the newborn Kin to be her 'sister', since she was called 'daughter' by the Mother herself. As April writes in her April's Diary

''The White Dragon is dead, but she lives on in her daughter, in the White Dragon reborn. But to know now that she was my mother, my real mother...I don't know how to feel anymore. Is it true? It is, because I FEEL that it is, and because that would explain so much. My journey did begin with an answer, like the old dragon told me, and it's only now that I know the question; who am I? I'm the daughter of the White of the Draic Kin, which makes me one of the Kin...whatever THAT means.''

''"We're bound by threads that weave through time and space, by words that create and destroy, and by kinship stronger than blood.|April Ryan and The White Dragon}} The reborn White Dragon disappeared after hatching and has been absent in the ten years Kin. When April begins looking for her for insight into her destiny, she hears from Brian Westhouse that a woman with white hair has been seen in the Dark People's Library. April travels there and meets the White Dragon, who has now taken on a human form. She appears to hold all the memories and powers of her previous self but has a very different personality. In this incarnation she is more curious and more active than before, largely because she is experiencing the world through her human disguise. She finds it an odd experience, saying that a human body constricts her and comments that "no wonder you are obsessed with freedom". Not surprisingly, given the particular form she's chosen, she finds that humans seem to enjoy looking at her. During her time in the Library, she has become interested in the knowledge available through books and has spent much of her time reading. She also does not manifest any power of her own, but like Cortez, she appears to be able to focus the abilities of others. The White Dragon is hiding in the Library because some enemy, 'not mortal', has been hunting the Draic Kin, even the Ancient Blue she says she "cannot hear the others they have all gone silent, and I am the only one left". She also clarifies that April is not a dragon as she is, that their sisterhood is more metaphorical than genetic. The White of the Kin seems sad at April's choices in life, but agrees to help her Shift to the Guardian's Realm - on the condition she takes Crow, whom the White Dragon seems amused by, along with her. When she meets Zoe Castillo, the White Dragon is fascinated by her 'dream presence' in Arcadia, and even asks Zoë if she can touch her. However, she is more unsettled by her meeting with Brian Westhouse, and claims that looking at him gives her 'goosebumps'. The significance of this is not clear. At the end of the story, the White Dragon is reading in the Library when she hears a noise from behind and she is attacked. Her fate is unknown, but she appears to have recognised her attacker. {{SpoilersDFC}} == Dreamfall Chapters == {{Quote, eyes that can no longer see me. There's so much of me in you, sister-daughter. I know you cannot understand me now, but I want you to know that I will watch you and protect you.'s ghost to Saga}}In Book Five it was revealed that the White Dragon was killed by Brian Westhouse with the Silver Spear of Gorimon. He needed to soak the Spear in dragon blood in order to make it into a powerful tool, capable of shaping the reality. The white Dragon appears to baby Saga as a ghost, telling her that she will always be with her to protect and watch her. Even when she is older and their link is weakened. She tells Saga in the end they will reunite and the circle will be complete, the worlds joined and the Balance restored. She tells Saga she will see her soon, and then vanishes. ==Behind the scenes== File09NovemberThief1221.jpg When Funcom was developing ''https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age_of_Conan Age of Conan'' they started with the White Dragon as the basis of Conan's spy-mistress http//aoc.wikia.com/wiki/Keaira Keiara before abandoning the white hair.http//web.archive.org/web/20080209023318/http//community.ageofconan.com/wsp/conan/frontend.cgi?func=publish.show&template=content&func_id=2017&sort=PRIORITY,%20RELTIME%20desc&table=CONTENT Age of Conan via The Wayback Machine ==References== ruБелая Драконица CategoryThe Longest Journey CategoryDreamfall CategoryArcadia CategoryCharacters CategoryDreamfall Characters