White Dragon (ship)

''For White Dragon reborn, or Mother, see those White Dragon.''

ImageWhite dragon ship.png''The White Dragon''.
The'' White Dragon'' is Captain Horatio Nebevay's vessel. It is a wooden galleon that carries cargo, namely barrels of apples from Ge'en. Unlike most of the ships in Marcuria's harbour, the'' White Dragon'' is a fairly plain ship, with its only decoration a scrolling white dragon along one side of the hull. After his previous navigator left behind the sea-going life to marry a serving maid, April helped him overcome his misogyny to hire Tun Luiec instead.

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April wants to gain passage aboard the'' White Dragon'' to get to the island of Alais, but Nebevay tells her they cannot sail without enough wind, which has unfortunately been captured by the Alchemist Roper Klacks. Nebevay makes fun of April's suggestion that they row to Ge'en, but changes his tune and lets her aboard when she brings wind magic back from Klacks' Floating Castle. However, during the voyage, a Chaos Storm forces the ship to head for port. Desperate, April sabotages the Spirit Compass, but the'' White Dragon'' runs aground on the reefs and is wrecked. According to Crow's explanation later, the rest of the crew escapes in the galleon's 'magical lifeboat', but Nebevay is so angry with April he leaves her behind.

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Later, April returns to the wreck of the ''White Dragon'' while trying to prove herself to the Maerum Queen. A snapjaw had already taken up residence, but April defeats it and retrieves the Talisman of the Balance from inside the ship.

The'' White Dragon'' is likely named after the Mother.

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