A very cute, cuddly, household bot created by WATI.. They look like small toy gorillas with brightly coloured fur and a happy smile. Internally, they have a processor - their 'Watilla brain' - and a Watilla power source, which is not shielded - Lucia is disabled instantly with a shot from a Spider. The Watilla has been in production for at least sixteen years, as Zoe Castillo has owned Wonkers since she was four.

Watillas appeal to all ages they serve as playmates for young children, and their link to household servers means they can store any data given to them by their owners, such as their daily schedules (like Zoë and Wonkers) or even secure password retrieval (like Reza Temiz and Lucia). Watillas are programmed to be happy and upbeat, but still have their own personalities. According to Lucia, they also 'dream' when they are shut down.

In Faith's Black House on a low table next to the bed, there is a toy that resembles a Watilla, although it has the face of a human girl or woman.