ImageWaterStiller.jpg'''Waterstiller''' is a prophesied figure in Maerum mythology. The Maerum Queen tells April the Waterstiller will come amongst the Maerum and take something from them that they have kept hidden for generations. Although she doesn't know what it is, she can tell April the Waterstiller is a Landwalker who will open the Ancient Shrine, bring light to darkness, kill a Snapjaw, show proof of her mission and reunite their people.

April fulfills a part of this prophecy by using the crystals she finds in the hall of the Maerum City, and near and in the cave outside the city. She places the crystals on the altar in the cave and repositions the rings of the altar. When she has done this correctly, the altar opens and a bright light illuminates the cave, revealing a series of wall paintings depicting the common history of both the Maerum and Alatien.

After showing the murals to the Maerum Queen, April has to prove herself to be the Waterstiller. She takes the spear of the Waterstiller and kills the Snapjaw that is lurking in the wreck of the White Dragon (ship)Landwalker's Bubble. As proof she takes one of the Snapjaw's teeth and gives it to the Queen.

April swims inside the wreck to get back the Talisman of the Balance, which Captain Horatio Nebevay had taken away from her when she had placed it near the Spirit Compass to alter the course of the ship. She shows the Talisman to the Queen as proof of her mission.

With the Talisman April is able to open a niche in the Ancient Shrine. Inside the shrine is a piece of the Stone Disk, or actually a half of a piece. This part of the Disk is what the Maerum have kept hidden for generations. Again, to prove she has found it, she gives the part of the Disk to the Queen.

When April has completed all of the above, there's still one thing left the reunification of the Maerum and the Alatien. The Maerum bring her to Alais. There she finds out the Maerum and Alatien once lived together, side by side. Once she reaches the village of the Alatien, she has to prove she really is the Windbringer before she can talk to the Teller.

After talking to the Teller, there's is a meeting at the old village of the Maerum and the Alatien down by the cliffs. By combining the two halves of the part of the Stone Disk (one half of the Maerum and one half of the Alatien) the Reunification of the two species becomes fact.

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