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= Warren Franklin Hughes
Colonial no. 0050123185353261 = The Longest Journey}} Warren Hughes is a young member of the Razorblades gang to whom Cortez directs April when she is searching for information on the Church of Voltec. Father Raul tells her that she can find him at number 87 Hope Street; Warren in turn directs her to his hacker friend, Burns Flipper. Born on the 29th of August 2195 (making him just 13 years old when April meets him, although she guesses he's "about fifteen or so"), Ellis Hughes's father was addicted to Amathin and sold the whole family to the colonies in return for a lifetime's supply of the narcotic. When the time came to depart Warren escaped and spent two weeks living in a dumpster. He has been living on the streets since. As evasion of his colonial contract is considered a felony, he asks April to wipe his police record clean and find out where his sister was sent. April discovers that his father died under interrogation, his Simone Paris is also dead, and his Erika Hughes was adopted by a Lt. Carol Drake. In one of the options, April deletes his record from the Archives which results in him being recorded as "Deceased". He takes this in his stride, however, and is simply happy not to have the authorities in pursuit. When he first meets April he suspected she was from Social Services, meaning they have probably confronted him before about finding a foster home or, more likely, his colonial indenture. Warren is also the artist of the painting Cortez discusses with April at the Roma Gallery, although Cortez tells her he has not painted in years. April describes the narrative as "The guy, he's hugging a girl, and by all rights, he should be happy. But he's not. He's probably already mourning the loss of her, even though that's still somewhere in his future." Cortez uses the painting as a starting point for his induction of April into the mysteries of the Two Worlds, and concentrates on the theme of truth and illusion in art "My point about art and truth is this, April. Some things look real, but are not. And other things may appear to be of no consequence at all, but are, in fact, invaluable. Like Warren's painting here. And your dreams." ==Trivia== - One of Warren's handles is "Firelizard", which is yet another reference to dragons. ImageWarren painting close.png's painting. ruУоррен Хьюз CategoryThe Longest Journey CategoryStark CategoryCharacters CategoryThe Longest Journey Characters