War of the Balance

FileWar_of_the_Balance_books.pngWar of the Balance is yet to occur at the time of TLJ, but the characters Lady Alvane and the older Crow mention that it is in their past.

All that we know is that the reign of the 13th Guardian is a short one, and that the War itself is lead by a "beautiful warrior princess" which, given her modesty in response to Crow's characterisation as such, is implied to be Lady Alvane herself.


* It may be of some significance that several of the magical peoples' prophecies regarding April involve her restoring the Balance (presumably the events of TLJ) only to destroy it at a later date.
* April Ryan's battle against the Azadi in Dreamfall may also be seen as part of a war to maintain Balance in Arcadia.ruВойна Баланса
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