Central Aust. Aboriginal - ''Wati-kutjara'' 'mythological lizard-men'

Also known as '''WATIcorp''', WATI is currently one of the most powerful corporations in Stark. It is a Japan-based company that specialises in organic computers, esoteric software, and household robots - WATI's signature Bot is the highly successful Watilla. Notable employees include Damien Cavanaugh, Rio Kuroki and Samantha Gilmore; the company was founded by a man named Dr. Alvin Peats about two hundred years ago. Currently, WATI is working on a top-secret new product codenamed Project Alchera.

WATI has a huge corporate campus the size of a town, known as WATI City, in Hokkaido, and almost everyone in the surrounding area works for them. The main corporate building is enormous the number of above-ground levels is unknown, but there are fifty-eight basement levels, going right into the caves beneath, including the laboratory that houses Eingana. Above ground is the WATI Museum, housing products from the company's long production history.

WATI is well-funded, and ruthless. The company has been known to kill people who get in its way or who breach the tight security measures. 'Guests' are given designated areas in which to wait for an escort - if they leave they are confronted by a security bird who politely asks them to return, and shocks them if they don't comply. Employees have ID's surgically implanted at their orientation presumably there are scanners throughout the building to pick them up. WATI was also responsible for the brutality of the Morpheus experimentation done on Faith which finally led to her death. It is unknown if the goons sent to kill Helena Chang were hired by WATI, but Chang tells Zoe that they own her company JIVA.
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''WATIcorp is one of the world's most powerful corporations.''

''Even before the release of the first - and wildly popular - Watilla, WATI was a leading manufacturer of robotic and animatronic toys and household utilities. But it was the aforementioned toy that made the corporation into the financial and political powerhouse that it is today. Based in the corporate town of Wati City in Northern Japan, WATIcorp currently employs tens of thousands of people - and robots - across the world, and their museum is a shrine for fans. ''

''But while the Watilla is still popular, like all good things, it can't last forever. And now, finally, after years of wild rumours and few firm facts, WATI is only months away from the launch of their most important product in decades - perhaps forever Alchera.''

== Known Employees ==

* Alvin Peats - the original founder of WATI, publicly acknowledged to be missing
* Samantha Gilmore - current head and 'face' of WATI
* The Twins, who act as Gilmore's aides
* Damien Cavanaugh - programmer
* Rio Kuroki - bioneer
* Dr Lee - assigned to Eingana
* Dr Lee's unnamed Female Scientist
* Dr. Jeanine Park - formerly assigned to Morpheus experimentation
* Kenji (possible)

==     Trivia     ==

In certain Central Australian Aboriginal mythologies, the ''http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wati-kutjara/ Wati-kutjara'' are lizard-men who act as Promethean figures, shaping the landscape, teaching the making of certain talismans, and assisting in their protection. It may be significant that the carpet before the elevator on the ground floor bears a stylised Cortez design, as this echoes the role the Red of the Kin took upon himself.

WATI also bears a strong resemblance in several regards to Jacob McAllen's company MTI.

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