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A man at the Victory Hotel who appears to be supervising the Dreamer Console experiments there, Vinnie has an Australian accent and wears vividly coloured shirts. He is subordinate to Marcus. Given the docile condition of the test subjects and the tight security at the Victory Hotel, Vinnie is free to spend most of his time watching the Screen in the living room and eating pizza.

Zoe Castillo needs to get past him to find April Ryan's old room, 201. As Vinnie clearly wasn't hired for his deductive reasoning skills, Zoë can pretend she's interested in a room at the 'hotel' so he'll let her explore upstairs, change the timer on his rehydrating pizza and sneak behind him, or simply attack him and knock him out.

If Zoë tricks her way past him, runs into Ivar upstairs and then hides, Ivar will call for help from Vinnie, who then berates Ivar for disturbing him again, suggesting Vinnie sometimes has to restrain the experimental subjects if they become violent or disorientated. Marcus also bitches about Vinnie letting his 'girls' wander around the building and claims he's been burned by Vinnie's friends before, so the two of them don't seem to be on the best of terms.

Vinnie is voiced by Len Firth.

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