===First Trailer===

This trailer is most well-known as an easter egg, visible when you click on the back of the Screen in the Border House's common room. It seems to be the oldest trailer for TLJ and the user who uploaded it to YouTube found it on the CD with a 1998 issue of PC Gamer. It mostly contains videos unseen elsewhere. As well as Funcom, it also shows the logo of another company, Papersun. It is unknown who this company were; perhaps they helped to create animations for the trailer.

The trailer opens with the last stanza of wikipediaWilliam Blake's 'The Land of Dreams' (1800-1804)

''Father, O Father, what do we here''

''In this land of unbelief and fear''

''The Land of Dreams is better far,''

''Above the light of the Morning Star.''

- http// Pickering Manuscript (1807)

The remaining text of the trailer reads

''what if there were two worlds ... one of magic the other of science ... and what if someone had the power to walk between worlds. The Journey begins Fall 1998''

FileThe Longest Journey - trailer 1 (Feb. 1998)

---- ===Old Trailer=== This video also contains much otherwise unknown and unused material. Vestrum Tobias ''They came to our world a million years ago. They waited in the shadows, watching, observing. Until the day the earth was torn apart. Science... Magic... and between the two an ancient Balance. Now ten thousand years later, in the hour of our greatest need, they once more emerge into the light. Some to help, to guide us into a new world, a new Earth. And some to claim their bounty, and to reap the harvest they have sown. A storm is gathering. Those who would be gods are at the gates to Heaven, and Chaos will devour the Balance. Unless...'' April ''I don't believe in magic.'' Surtitles ''YOU WILL BELIEVE Live the Adventure'' Tobias ''The Longest Journey. The journey begins. Soon.''

FileTLJ Trailer 2

---- ===Trailer===

FileTLJ Trailer 3

==Dreamfall== ===Teaser===

FileDreamfall Teaser

---- ===Magnet film clip===

FileDreamfall Magnet 16x9

---- ===Trailer===

FileFinal dreamfall trailer funcom

---- ==="Final Trailer"=== An "unreleased" trailer that made it briefly to YouTube before being removed, it finally came to rest on the Dreamfall Limited Edition. Ragnar had this to say on his old http// blog (accessible http// here since his blog was taken down) ''I spent a day or two during Easter ‘06 - after we’d gone gold - putting this one together, only to have marketing decide to not release it.'' ''Which, of course, is their prerogative, but I was always a bit annoyed by that; partly because I’d wasted some much-needed downtime in the office, but mostly because I thought it was a nice trailer that focused on the story and the adventure, and I wanted people to see it.''

FileDreamfall The Longest Journey - The Final Trailer

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