Victory Hotel


Fictional movie invented for TLJ, which Cortez is watching when April finds him in the Mercury Theatre. Fiona also tells April that they may watch it on their Screen the night the Banda appears in the Fringe Cafe, and that it has had good reviews.
== Plot ==

From what can be overheard of the two un-named characters' conversation when inside the theater the film is set in the "Victory Hotel", a hotel where all exits "lead back inside". For this reason, the protagonist (who is heard talking to some other character trapped just as he is) cannot leave the hotel. Moreover, apparently "they are coming" and their dialogue notes that both of them will die. The scene ends with a loop to the beginning, when the door to the room where the two characters are opens, supposedly, to let "them" in. It could be suggested that this is a climatic moment towards the end of the movie.
== Transcript ==

''door creaks open''

First Person I knew you would come, sooner or later.

''distant clatter, gunshot, or shutting sound''

There's no way out of here, did you know that?''door creaks closed''

There's no way out of Victory Hotel. All exits just...

''foot steps''

They just lead back inside.

''pause, then sound of flowing water''

Second Person There is a way out, just not for you.

''ominous rumbling''

First Person It's getting closer. They will be here soon.

Second Person Soon enough.

First Person ''indistinguishable word'' why are you so - do you have any reason to be happy?

Second Person No.

First Person Then why be happy?

Second Person Why not?

First Person Cause we're both gonna die...!

Second Person Everyone dies.

First Person ...doesn't have to be this way. We can... w-we can walk walk out of here, go our different ways, forget about Victory Hotel and... and sigh... Did you know? When I came here, I had nothing to live for. But now... now I don't want to die. I want to live! But not-not in here, not like this.

''knock on door''

First Person Who is it?

At this point the conversation loops back to the start of the transcript.
== Trivia ==

Ragnar responded to queries about the film on his bloghttp// Ragnar's blog, archived 27 Aug 2003 entry

"''Contrary to what many think, the scene was not stolen from "wikipediaLast Year at Marienbad", "wikipediaNo Way Out (1950 film)", or any other existing movie. It is, in fact, a scene from an entirely fictional film entitled "Victory Hotel", and I wrote the dialogue. In fact, I also played one of the characters - the other guy was voiced by Bjorn Arve Lagim, the audio director. So there you go.''

"''...and yes, the dialogue does relate to the game, so listen carefully... ''"

It was probably either inspired by the Eagles song 'wikipediaHotel California (song)', about a hotel you cannot leave; or Jean-Paul Sartre's play ''wikipediaNo Exit'' (1944), in which three characters experience Hell as a Second Empire drawing room, and from which comes the infamous Existentialist adage "Hell is other people". "Victory Hotel" was also the name of the hotel in the James Ellroy novel ''wikipediaL. A. Confidential. A. Confidential'' (1990; film version released 1997) where corrupt policemen would interrogate suspects under torture, culminating in a spectacular firefight at the climax of the film.


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