There are several fan-made utilities for ''The Longest Journey'' and ''Dreamfall'', from archive file viewers and extractors, to modding and cheat utilities.

==TLJ Viewer==
TLJ Viewer was created by community member Seraphan (who also enlightened us about the .ini Hacks). It can be used to access the text, sound, image and video files of TLJ, with a search function and the ability to drag files out of the viewer.

It was indispensable in the writing of this wiki. Unfortunately, it is no longer supported, and only works with the 4CD version of TLJ. It is no longer available for download.

===External link===
*http//web.archive.org/web/20090904030510/http//geocities.com/rescosoftware/index.html TLJ Viewer in the WayBackMachine

==The Longest Journey Toolset==
The Longest Journey Toolset was created by Deniz Oezman. It is mainly known for TLJView, which became a replacement for TLJ Viewer after support for it was stopped. Oezman says he created TLJView for himself as it did not always convert images with the correct colour. He acknowledges that it thus has fewer features than TLJ Viewer (a search function is particularly missed).

It comes zipped with three other applications
* ISN2WAV converts ISN/ISS/SSN files to WAV. Releases after the 4CD version (>v.142) use a higher quality format, so this won't work for them
* XARCExt extracts files from XARC archives
* XMG2BMP converts XMG to BMP

===External links===
* http//wiki.xentax.com/index.php?title=The_Longest_Journey_Toolset The Longest Journey Toolset at XeNTaXwiki
* http//oezmen.eu/gameresources/ Download from Oezman's own site

==TLJ Mac Wrapper==
This Mac wrapper was created by cluthz. It allows you to play TLJ on Apple OSX. There are a few known issues
*The cursor sometimes leaves drag marks across the screen
*If you receive an error message saying your disk is full and won't save, you must make the save game folder for the game (instructions in the wrapper's read me file)
*You might have to manually edit the config file (see read me)
*Sometimes fullscreen may garble the graphics. If so, just re-enter windowed mode and the screen will soon refresh

===External link===
*http//portingteam.com/files/file/6098-the-longest-journey TLJ Mac Wrapper at Porting Team

DreamView was developed by pinkunozu. This utility works as a DF equivalent to TLJ Viewer, with the added abilities to 'fly' the camera through the 3D environments and export/import assets (which enables modding).

The application reached beta3.

===External link===
*http//pingus.seul.org/~grumbel/dreamfall/'s Dreamfall Modding page
*http//forums.longestjourney.com/showthread.php?t=3430 DreamView discussion on the official TLJ forum

DF Toolbox was developed by grumbel. This utility is a viewer and extractor for DF's various media. It comes with extensive documentation and instructions, and has been through four iterations (the latest is 2006-10-30-1).

Bundled with DFToolBox, this utility allows you to insert your own files into DF, thus allowing modding. Several mods have been developed for use with this utility
* April - black pants
* April - capeless clothes
* April - "de-gothed" (TLJ-style)
* Zoë - short hair
* Zoë - blue eyes
* Zoë - blonde hair
* Zoë - green eyes and fixed eyebrows
* Zoë - Cotton-like underwear
* Zoë - new underwear
* Zoë - Alternate clothes (from beta version of DF)
* Solid black loading screen
* Green Grubbers
===External link===
* http//pingus.seul.org/~grumbel/dreamfall/'s Dreamfall Modding page
* http//forums.longestjourney.com/showthread.php?t=3262 mod thread with download links on the official TLJ forum
* Quna's modding tutorial
FileHow to Create Dreamfall Mods==Dreamfall Global Trainer==
Dreamfall Global Trainer was developed by SunBeam. This utility enables up to three cheat modes in DF freeze puzzle timer, god mode (invulnerability) and one-hit kills. The developer included some notes and known bugs
* Don't use the one-hit kill option when you fight Jama in the gym. If you kill her, you won't have a NPC to continue the up-coming cut-scene - "Do you want to fight again ? (Yes/No)"
* In the scene where the Prophet sends out the Grubbers on patrol (the one where you end-up seeing the Dream Vortex) - don't attack or one-hit kill them, since you won't be able to move on. Remember you need the first Grubber when you run up the stairs, which results in them breaking down.
* In the Friar's Keep scene where you have to toss a smoke bomb at the guard if you fight him, you won't be able to search his body for the keys. Plus, you have to get rid of the smoke bomb. (Not tested.)
* In "Japan - WATI Corp." episode, if you get spotted by one of the scientists when trying to insert the worm, they'll sound the alarm, the floor will stun you and you won't be able to move; but you won't die either, given you have god-mode enabled. Tip - when the scene begins, run around the right side and quickly down the stairs; even though you'll be spotted, you'll land right in front of the biometric scanner, the alarm goes off, but you can still use the encapsulated worm.

===External link===
* http//web.archive.org/web/20090727024632/http//sunbeam.bubble.ro/2008/01/29/dreamfall-global-trainer SunBeam's Cave in the WayBackMachine
* http//forums.longestjourney.com/showthread.php?t=5401 Dreamfall Trainer discussion at the official TLJ forum
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