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Identical twins who dress in identical, Tokyo-chic style clothes - though in complementary colours - and appear several times during Dreamfall. They attack Zoë Castillo in Reza Temiz's apartment, though they seem to receive a message through an earpiece and let her go without hurting her or taking anything. The second time, they appear to be working with Marcus Crozier and attack Zoë again, this time drugging her with Morpheus and hooking her up to a Dreamer Console.

According to Damien the Twins work for Samantha Gilmore, but Alvin Peats refers to them as his 'pets'. As Zoë finishes talking to Peats, the twins appear and try to kill Zoë, before Zoë escapes to an alley adjacent to the building. However, they apparently shift their loyalties to Gilmore and, seemingly on her orders, attack and kill Peats at the end of the game. Given that they are clearly very quick and strong, and the fact that they never speak, they may be genetically engineered, as Faith was.

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