Tun Luiec

{{Infobox character= Tun Luiec= ImageTun_Full.png= Dolmari= http//www.imdb.com/name/nm0519468 Francesca Longrigg= Female= x350px= Marcuria, White Dragon (ship)= The Longest Journey}}Tun Luiec is a Dolmari navigator, native of the Southlands, whom April comes across in the Journeyman Inn. April had been asked to deliver a Map by her Marcurian employer, the Karek, to Tun Luiec. Upon delivery, April was told by Tun Luiec that she bought the map so she can find her way east to Corasan, where ships' captains allow women aboard - something that captains in the Marcurian harbour do not allow.

April calls in a favour Captain Horatio Nebevay owes Umber Ianos to make Tun the navigator of the ''White Dragon (ship)''.

Tun Luiec is voiced by Francesca Longrigg.

ruТан Луйек
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