The Six

The 6 empresses of the Azadi Empire. Their seat of power is within the Sixth Circle in Sadir, in a chamber they share with the Council. They are represented by Sister Sahya, the Azadi Emissary in Marcuria, and by their Apostles, including Kian Alvane. They are both the religious and secular rulers of the Azadi and are said to pass on the will of the Goddess through their rule.

The Six also gave the order for the construction of the Azadi Tower located in Marcuria, but their motives are unknown. Their visible goals, however, appear to be gaining converts to the Goddess, either through teachings or warfare, dispersing their technology, and military expansionism, especially into the Northlands.

ImageEmissary_tapestries.jpg, a farflung outpost of the Empire. Their relationship to the Prophet is also indeterminate, as while he is a seemingly foreign male in a xenophobic matriarch society, he would naturally not be held in such high regard and trust as the Six do. Meanwhile, there lies the implication that he is manipulating the Six into fulfilling cryptic plans of his own, especially when he urges the Six to order the "conversion" of a specific Marcurian rebel leader, Scorpion.

The Six are young women at age from 18 to 25 years old, all virgins,http// Dreamfall livestream - (44516) on the Six who dress in identical grey smocks. Their names given as Abya, Yona, Maha, Calia, Hanna, and Lenya. It is possible they are not identified by a family name once they become an empress.


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