The Secret World

'''The Secret World''' is a MMORPG created by Funcom, released in 2013. In this game the players find themselves in modern day cities like New York, London, Seoul etc. where myths and legends, mysteries and conspiracies are all true. The players get to choose from one of three factions Illuinati, Templars and Dragon and start fighting terrifying monsters, investigating mysterious cases and find many secrets of our world.

One of the unique features of the game is the lack of levels and classes, giving the players freedom to chose their own fighting style and change it any time by changing the set of skills they use. The game also boasts (surprise of surprises) a good immersive plot and story, and provides quests that, unlike so many other MMORPG, actually requires the gamer to think and investigate (sometimes it includes real-life investigation, for which there's a handy browser window included in the gameplay).

Although the game is unrelated to the The Longest Journey Saga, there have been many Easter Eggs http// spotted, as well as some debatable http// references.

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