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= Dreamfall Chapters= Bandu-Ma-Seri= http// Susan Brown}}{{Quote, maybe she can not. But before this question answered, you help me with something. Scratch back.}}
'''Bandu-Ma-Seri''', or '''The Mole''' is a female Banda who is the leader of a "criminal underground" (pun intended).http// Youtube Rezzed 2013 Developer Session
Her pseudonym is apparently is a reappropriation of "Mole-people," a racial slur against the Banda.

Information given in a Kickstarter updatehttps// Kickstarter update 

''The Mole holds court in a cellar burrow within the borders of Oldtown , the magic ghetto. From here, she runs an underground network of magicals trafficking illegal weapons into the city and children out of the city, in addition to maintaining her iron grip on the Marcurian underground through the Hand. ''

''The Mole is ancient, and mean, and deadly. She's also clever, charismatic, wise. Living amongst humans, she's never once considered herself part of the human world, and she hates people with a passion. Magicals are more acceptable to her, and the more they're hated and feared by humans, the better they are in her eyes. But she enjoys the power she has in Marcuria, and she really enjoys the money she makes, and she doesn't want to return to living in a burrow in the forest.''



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