The Lord of the Rings

'''The Lord of the Rings''' is a classic book from ancient Stark. By some strange way, it became known in Arcadia. In The Longest Journey, when April visits Abnaxus, to her surprise she finds it among other books and comments on how the classic fiction literally crosses all borders.

The Lord of the Rings is referenced a few times in both games. In The Longest Journey, its influence is most visable in the Chapter There and Back Again, where there are little earth-bound people living in holes (the Banda), a magician in a tower (Roper Klacks) and a riddling contest. Also, April comments that the Cave of the Gribbler looks like a hobbit's hole from outside. Later in this chapter, Crow claims he'll be called "The Lord of the Winds" soon. In Dreamfall, after telling Zoe about winning the title of the best sidekick of the month, he complains because an "annoying man-child with the hairy feet and the chubby face", who did nothing but carrying someon up a hill without cracking a single joke, won that title the very next month, probably referencing to the Hobbit Sam in the than more recent Peter Jackson movies.