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''The Longest Journey Home'' is the name of a possible future direct sequel to ''The Longest Journey ''and would be the fourth game in The Longest Journey Saga, returning to the first game's 2D, point and click format. TLJH was supposed to tell the story of what happened to April Ryan between TLJ and Dreamfall, as well as her fate after that.

As Ragnar Tørnquist described it in 2016, ''"TLJH was supposed to take place after the end of TLJ, and before Dreamfall, but with bits and pieces taking place both before AND after that. It's complicated, since it was designed to cover a lot of events over a lot of years, tying up some of the loose threads that are still left hanging — even after the end of Chapters.".''http// Ragnar Tørnquist forum post, June 11, 2016 

==Project History==
The game was teased as a $2 million stretch goal for DFC's Kickstarter drive on the 15th of February, 2013http// Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter - Update ! . It was formally announced in a Gamespot exclusive on the 1st of March.http// March 1st, 2013 Taking The Longest Journey Home Had the stretch goal been reached (including post-Kickstarter paypal money), Red Thread Games would have begun pre-production on TLJH with full production to be ramped up after DFC shipped. However, the $2 million goal was never reached.

By 2015, the future of TLJH was already rather uncertain. RTG and Ragnar Tørnquist seemed to still want to make the game. However in March 2015, Tørnquist not only cast doubt over the use of crowd funding, he also alluded to the possibility that RTG may want to focus on their own stories while FunCom may take the further saga back in their hands. TLJH, he said, "''may never happen''".http// Ragnar Tørnquist forum post, March 15, 2015, explaining present plans and possibilities  By June 9th, 2016, doubt had turned into certainty when he tweeted "''The Longest Journey Home will probably never happen. At least not for a long, long time''".https// Ragnar Tørnquist tweet, June 9, 2016   A forum post two days later halfway clarified ''"We dearly love this saga, and our fans, and wrapping up Chapters has been an emotional experience for all of us. It's satisfying but heartbreaking, and part of me would love to jump right into TLJH to tell a personal and soulful story about a character I care deeply about…but for many, many reasons I don't think it will happen."''http// Ragnar Tørnquist forum post, June 11 2016 

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