The Longest Journey (Dreamfall chapter)

''Chapter Thirteen''
===  Summary  ===

Zoe Castillo appears in the Winter, hearing Faith whisper to her. She walks across to the Black House. As she approaches it, the House swings open like the doll house, allowing her to see inside. The interior looks like Faith's 'room' back at the Saint Petersburg laboratory. Zoë climbs the stairs, to where Faith is playing with her doll. Zoë crouches down beside her to talk.

Faith says "Hello" - when Zoë introduces herself, Faith says she already knows who she is. Zoë knows that Faith has been helping her the whole time, to which Faith replies "The White Lady told me to." As Zoë gently questions her, Faith tells her that this Lady is the one who gave her the message about April Ryan, and that she was there, in the Winter, just before Zoë arrived. The Lady said that Zoë did good, that she saved April. Faith tells Zoë that they are alike, both Dreamers, and says they are sisters. Zoë is surprised by this; she insists it can't be true, but Faith is just as adamant that it is. They share the same mother, and the White Lady said so too.

ImageFaithLetGo.jpg's death Zoë asks if she understands why she has come to see Faith. The little girl already knows like the White Lady told her, Faith is "hurting the world". But she can't move on - she's afraid. Gently, Zoë tells her that she needs to trust things will be all right. She believes something better is waiting for Faith, beyond this place. Faith wants Zoë to stay with her. Zoë promises she will, for as long as she wants. Faith plays with her toys while Zoë watches her.

After a time, perhaps minutes or hours, Faith stops playing. She says she's getting sleepy, and cold. Zoë takes the girl onto her lap and strokes her hair, telling her "Good night, Faith". Suddenly, the girl vanishes, just as Zoë vanished in Arcadia. Stunned, Zoë can only stare at the space where her sister was, as the Winter around her gradually grows brighter and brighter, then vanishes altogether.

Back in the waking world, in the Arboretum at WATI City, Alvin Peats is in a panic. His 'eyes and ears' have been taken and he's left in darkness. He senses a presence nearby; his 'pets', the Twins. His initial relief soon turns to horror as the Twins advance on him, knives drawn. As Peats starts screaming, Samantha Gilmore is revealed, standing nearby, watching impassively.

At Zoë's bedside, Helena Chang is giving her another injection. She says softly that she is sorry - she can't allow Zoë to wake up. She strokes Zoë's hair, saying that she never thought she'd see Zoë again, and how much she is like her father. If Zoë replaced Wonkers' brain earlier, he now climbs onto the bed and innocently asks Chang if Zoë is asleep. When told that she is, he says that he will watch over her while she rests. He muses that when Zoë wakes up, she might like to play a game.

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=== Themes & References === "The Longest Journey" was also the name of The Longest Journey (TLJ chapter)The Longest Journey. Here, it seems to refer to Faith's death and Zoë's descent into her coma as the first steps on 'long journeys', or the last. {{DF Chapters}} ruГлава тринадцатая Бесконечное путешествие CategoryDreamfall CategoryChapters