The Chaos Storm

''Chapter Six''
=== Summary ===

Violently seasick, April is finally on her way to Alais. She tries to distract herself by chatting to Tun Luiec about the ''White Dragon (ship)'''s Spirit Compass, but she still feels queasy - she can't even write in her April's Diary legibly. Suddenly, one of the crew yells that there is a storm on the horizon. Captain Horatio Nebevay sees it - this is a Chaos Storm, and they have to change course.

ImageWDragonChaosStorm.jpg''White Dragon'' as the Chaos Storm rages
Tun says a Chaos Storm is a harbinger of terrible events to come - April is more concerned about getting to Alais, as the White Dragon is now sailing away from the island. Nebevay refuses to risk his crew, despite April's insistence that the fate of worlds depends on her getting there. Desperate, April hangs the Talisman of the Balance on the Spirit Compass. The powerful magic of the Talisman confuses the compass, and, seeing it, Tun corrects their course back towards Alais. But when April tries to retrieve her Talisman, Nebevay sees her. He's furious at her because she's steered them right into the storm, and he locks the Talisman in a chest below decks.

April goes to get it back, trying to knock the lock off with an Axe (The Longest Journey), but misses and chops a hole in the deck instead. As she does so, the Chaos Storm blows the White Dragon onto the reefs. A huge hole is torn in the hull; the wind rips off the ship's sails, and Nebevay's vessel is wrecked.

There and Back Again=== Themes & References ===
The Chaos storm represents the ongoing battle between the White Kin and the Chaos Vortex, which you never get to see in the game.

The destruction of the vessel, the White Dragon, reveals which side is victorious and also foreshadows of the death of April's mother, the White Kin.

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