Gr. ''thaumatourgeo'' - 'work wonders or miracles'

When April suggests that the Azadi Tower might be a weapon of some sort, Na'ane replies "From what little I know of the Azadi, they have never previously built such a thing, but it is possible. They have powerful thaumaturgists, these Westlanders." The use of this term suggests that the Azadi, claiming to shun Magic, prefer the more sanctified-sounding "thaumaturgy". Na'ane also voices her suspicion that their aversion to magic comes from a mixture of their desire to control it, and their fear that other people might know more about it than them.

Kian Alvane says that magic must only be practised by "women trained in the black arts", which implies Azadi thaumaturgists are female and use their gifts very carefully.

Curiously, the ''Dreamfall'' manual describes the 12 scientists and magicians who helped create the Divide as "thaumaturgists".