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The Sentinel's prime site of worship, the Temple of the Balance stands in the centre of Marcuria in a wide square; over the years a bustling market has grown up near the steps, where both Karek the map merchant and the Cups Handler have stalls. The Temple was the site of April Ryan's first Shift into Arcadia. When she arrived she met Vestrum Tobias Grensret, who helped her learn Na'ven and who later taught her the history of the Balance using the famous Murals of the Balance painted in the depths of the Temple.

Sadly, the Temple was also the scene of tragedy. Just before the Tyren invasion, Vestrum Tobias was found murdered within its walls, though Minstrum Yerin says he apparently looked very peaceful.


In Dreamfall, the Temple - which April describes as the Sentinel's 'holiest shrine' - has been demolished by the Azadi to make way for their Azadi Tower. The Tower Square where the Temple once stood is now home to the Azadi Barracks and the marketplace has melted away, only to spring up by the South Gate.

We also discover that beneath the Temple, in the Underground Caverns, was a mysterious Dream Chamber containing some kind of Dream Vortex. It appears that the Azadi, having driven the Sentinel out of the city, were anxious to build their tower on this exact spot, possibly to make use of the presence of this chamber.


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