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Matriarchal leader of an Alatien community, the Teller is the keeper of all the tales the Alatien have ever told. She is apprenticed at a young age to the previous Teller, and is forbidden to marry. The Teller in the village of Tama'a is quite elderly, but from the Tale of Homecoming it sounds as if Tellers take up office at any point past their latency period, and after their apprenticeship is completed. Their knowledge of stories makes their wisdom unparalleled; the Alatien come to their Teller not only for their storytelling, but their judgement and advice.

The Teller of Tama'a dwells in a partially ruined tower, guarded by a Alatien Watchman. Seated on a stone chair she invites April to sit and kindly answers her questions. It is she who tells April that the Alatiens' wings are weakening. She also explains what little she knows of the Draic Kin, and about the Day of Ascension that will one day return them to their ancestral home - the Windbringer's title comes from this, and April's arrival is the first sign of its coming. When April explains the true relationship of the Alatien to their enemies, the Maerum, the Teller is anxious to effect a reconciliation as soon as possible. However, the Teller must stay at the village, so she sends her trusted Watchman as their representative instead.

The Alatien Teller is voiced by Helen Stenborg who also voiced Lady Alvane.

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