===Types of Content===
* The wiki is for canonical reference, technical reference/help, developer information and so on.
* Do not add content that is not in some way relevant to the games in the TLJ series, either directly related to the games or to Funcom and other companies working with or supplying Funcom. 

===Article Titles===
* Use capital letters for the beginning of each word in an article title

* The articles should be kept as free from speculation as possible. "When in doubt, leave it out."
* Information derived from the game files using programmes such as TLJ Viewer or DreamView should not be used as proof in an article. They can be discussed in the Discussion thread
* If you do add speculation, do so at the end of the article, after the facts 

* There is no real protocol for where categories go when editing an article, but the official MediaWiki policy is to add them to the bottom of the page
* For the TLJ Wiki we tend to add 
 Category{other categories}

* .png format preferred
* If it is originally a .jpg, you can leave it that way
* Take your own screenshots
* Use updated drivers and as high quality settings as your system allows
* Don't upload screenshots with visible edge jaggedness
* Keep file names all in lower case. It's just better that way ;) (note the first chr will allways be in upper case)
* Remove borders from screenshots
* Although higher resolutions can be good when playing, use no more than 1024x768 when shooting screens, to avoid large sizes and resampling/resizing
* Do not link to pictures hosted on other websites. That way we can control the image quality, avoid copyright debacles and ward off broken links
* Images could be run through a program (Pngoptimizer) to get rid of some unnecessary information.
* Please make sure the cursor is not included in the screenshots (Dreamfall normally hides cursor automatically)
* The use of some programs like TLJ Viewer or DreamView may yield higher-quality shots of items etc.

===Character Formatting===
* For ease of searching, use only English characters for article titles (no diacritical marks). eg. Zoe Castillo is "Zoe Castillo" for the article title, but may be referred to in the article as "Zoƫ Castillo"
* Names with diacritics should appear without diacritics once in each article they appear in, to make them searchable. For instance, always include "Zoe" in an article where you mention her name, even if you use the diacritics in the rest of the article. Otherwise, Wikia does not provide hits on Zoe for that article! 

* One-line or relatively short quotes are fine
* Extensive quotes are more problematic but passable as long as they are not complete, and available from the original source for free.
* If it is necessary to use concept art or photos by other people, please attribute the artist/photographer in the caption 

See also {{nsproject}}Simplified ruleset