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The Longest Journey Home}} ImageTljh_logo.png=The Longest Journey HomeFileTljh_concept.jpg The Longest Journey Home is a potential sequel to The Longest Journey, returning to that game's 2D, point and click format. TLJH will tell the story of what happened to April Ryan between TLJ and Dreamfall. '''''The Longest Journey Home...''''' {{HeadingB=Dreamfall Chapters screenshots}} Storytime screen.jpg Europolis screen 3.jpg Europolis screen 2.jpg Europolis screen.jpg Shady quay screen 3.jpg Riverwood screen 2.jpg Riverwood screen.jpg Elgwan screen.jpg Sunset in Shady Quay (Dreamfall Chapters).jpg Shady quay screen 2.jpg Marcuria screen 3.jpg Northlands screen 2.jpg Northlands screen.jpg Zoe screen.jpg Zoe model.jpg Shady quay screen.jpg Marcuria screen 2.jpg Kian screen.jpg Kian screen 2.png Kian screen 3.png Kian screen 4.png Kian screen 5.png Kian screen 6.png Mira and Wit ingame preprealpha.jpg northlands white-box.png vagabond model.png Enu.jpg.jpg zoe europolis.jpg zoe storytime.png zoe europolis 2.jpeg zoe dag.jpeg {{HeadingB=Dreamfall Chapters concept art}} Ragnars ge-en.jpg Storytime concept.jpg Tree spirit concept.jpg Zoe DFC concept.jpg Oular concept.jpg Mira Wit concept.jpg Concept.jpg FalkFriedman.jpg riverwood swamp.jpg storytime concept 2.jpg zoe hospital.jpg 90550.jpg 90552.jpg europolis concept 2.jpg zoe outfit 1.jpg zoe outfit 2.jpg zoe sleep white.jpg gross.jpg wolf.jpg ribas.jpg uminska.jpg syndicate flyer.jpg zoe hair.jpg
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