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== ? ==

Is this it?

== Style ==

We don't yet have a style guide, as other wikis often do. If nothing else, I think there are a few general points of style we should standardise. I'm not trying to be boring - honestly! I just thought there should be a place to discuss such things. Having an in-depth style guide doesn't seem to be a massive priority, but we might want to consider issues like the following UserBarentity (User talkBarentity) 2138, October 26, 2014 (UTC)

=== Character images ===
Vainamoinen has kindly been uploading some nice character portraits from Dreamfall Chapters. I think these are superior to the character shots we currently have and I would be in favour of switching over to these for the character infobox as I have done for exemplary purposes on Commander Vamon. However, we might need to be sure to put a caption specifying that the image is from DFC and not from Dreamfall.

V Thanks, I have some more coming up. Problem with the present screens uploaded from Chapters generally is that they're much too dark. I'm doing my best to crank up the light via Photoshop, but I'm still much of a layman. The solution for the infobox could be simple enough - add e.g. "Commander Vamon as he appears in Dreamfall Chapters" in the subtitle section. However, having an actual comparison – old in game model vs. new model – may actually be desirable.UserVainamoinen101 (User talkVainamoinen101) 2232, October 26, 2014 (UTC)

=== Spoiler tags ===
There is inconsistency in the spoiler tag placement. I think it is best to put the spoiler tag *after* the section heading rather than before it, as is common on wikipedia.

=== Etymology ===
Many articles give the etymology (origin of a word) at the top of the article. I think this is best placed in a subsection, either Trivia or perhaps Etymology.
We need these to be expanded. Problem In most cases, characters have new voice actors in DFC, and we don't even know for certain which ones as of yet. There should be entries for "Voice actor (TLJ)", "Voice actor (DF)" and "Voice actor (DFC)" in the infobox, and as a preliminary solution for characters which are in DFC, the entry should be "unknown". UserVainamoinen101 (User talkVainamoinen101) 1034, October 27, 2014 (UTC)