The '''Syndicate''' was founded by a conglomeration of Earth's megacorporations in the aftermath of the Collapse. The Syndicate was originally intended as a way for the coroporations to govern their own, and is supposed to monitor the activities of corporations and act in the event they overstep their boundaries - they also monitor and prosecute use of contraband software. To this end they have established the EYE, an international police force that functions as much over the Wire as in the real world.

The Syndicate's motives in Dreamfall are unclear. They are clearly interested in finding Reza Temiz and interrogate Zoe Castillo, concerning the package Reza asked her to fetch, her encounter with Helena Chang, and Rio Kuroki's body. If the 'Rain Conversation' is valid, they even call Gabriel Castillo looking for information. The Syndicate may be monitoring Reza's investigation of the Static and WATI, but they don't appear to take any action to stop the progress of Project Alchera despite its danger to the public.

Confusingly Helena Chang seems to believe she is in danger from the Syndicate (via the EYE) at the end of Dreamfall, then clarifies by saying "WATI doesn't want me walking around, telling people what I know." This suggests WATI has a considerable influence over the EYE, at least, or that WATI may fool the Syndicate into investigating threats, to save WATI themselves the trouble of rooting them out later.

During the 2220 elections in Europolis, the EYE are seeing setting up checkpoints and increasing surveillance, blaming radical political elements and demonstrations for making the streets unsafe, though many suspects that the true reason is that the Syndicate is afraid of an upheaval in their power over the city, as the incumbent Chancellor, Dieter Gross, suspected to be in the Syndicate's pocket, stands to lose the election.

One of the Syndicate interrogators is voiced by Paul Tylack.