Swamp City

{{PicturesWanted}}The nickname for the Rebels' hideout, located 'somewhere to the east' of Marcuria in a massive swamp. Judging from the description Na'ane give of her escape, it lies to the north of Corasan. The Swamp City is enormous and is actually five areas, all of which are separated by waterways that are difficult for outsiders to navigate. Swimming is out of the question as the swamps are infested with unsavoury creatures (as well as the harmless native starflies). This means that the Swamp City is relatively secure against a coordinated attack, but the increasing number of refugees and unfamiliar faces allows Kian Alvane to infiltrate it with little effort. The de facto mayor of the Swamp City is Kara, who also acts as the impromptu leader and coordinator of the Rebels' domestic efforts while April Ryan focuses on their military strategy.

Despite the fact all the Rebels are in the same predicament, April glumly notes that everyone locks their doors because "the Azadi have taught us to fear each other". However, food and medicine are distributed fairly and can be safely left unguarded. The houses are either made from wood salvaged from the nearby forests, or built up from boats salvaged in dry dock. This allows for quick expansion when there are new arrivals, but serves the Rebels badly when the Azadi launch an aerial attack with Cloudships and use flaming arrows. Given the savagery of the Azadi assault and Commander Vamon's anger toward the Rebels, it is unlikely the Swamp City is still standing.

When Zoe Castillo goes to the Dark People's Library and asks the White Dragon reborn for help, the White responds that "faith will send you where you're needed the most". Zoë then vanishes and reappears in the Swamp City just in time to witness April being attacked. The significance of Zoë arriving in the City at that moment and it being where she was 'needed the most' has been the subject of much debate.

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