==The Longest Journey==
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Stickmen are small stick creatures that are the children of and bound to a Mother Tree. April encounters three Stickmen on Alais Wick, Willow and Woody. Like trees, they can live for centuries. Wick tells April that a Stickman's life is utter pain and misery, lived in fear of fire, clumsy taller beings, gaintbeasts, and monkeys who "like to play with sticks".

When April meets them, the Stickmen are building a "Lunar Cannon", from which they hope to be able to launch themselves to the moon. Why they would want to is never explained. Even Stickmen have dreams, I suppose.

April notices that Abnaxus has a copy of G. Godager's ''The Psychology of Stickmen'' on the bookshelf in his home on the City Green. This may be due to a shared ancestry between the Stickmen and the tree-like Venar.

The Stickmen appear to be based on the wood sprites http//' ''Books of Magic'' series. This series was spun-off from a 4 issue mini-series by Neil Gaiman, creator of ''Sandman'' which Ragnar has cited as one of the major influences on the TLJ series. Tanger and Crimple first appeared in ''Vertigo Rave'' (1994).

The Stickmen don't put in an appearance in ''Dreamfall'', but Brian Westhouse, when faced with Benrime Salmin's perfect recollection of his bar tab, jokes that she has the memory of a Stickman. The saying probably came about because Stickmen are so long-lived and, from what we saw, have nothing much to do but remember things and bear grudges. This may account for their cynical outlook on life.

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