Steam technology

Azadi machines that have been appearing all over Marcuria, attached to people's houses and running day and night... even on the deserted houses in Crab Bend. They are coppery and appear to be brand new. Neither April Ryan nor Zoe Castillo have any idea what they're for, except for one that runs the new-fangled beer tap at the Journeyman Inn. April wonders if they heat the houses or generate power or something else. She comments that such machines mean Arcadia will eventually end up looking like Stark-- "It's just a matter of time".

If these machines are like the rest of the Azadi's creations, they are likely a combination of magic and technology. It's also likely that Azadi Cloudships use some variety of steam technology engine to keep them aloft or just to get them airborne.

ruПаровые технологии