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A map prepared for April by the Dark People on the orders of the Old God. It shows the location of the singularity that leads to the Guardian's Realm, but April needs Burns Flipper to decipher it and to overlay the data on current astronomical charts. When she shows it to him, Burns asks April "Is this old? It looks old. You rip off a museum or something? -Because I'm okay with that."

Indeed, the existence of the Star Map raises some interesting questions regarding time, and the differences between Stark and Arcadia. When April requests the Flipper's help in deciphering the map, he says that first he has to date the actual piece, and then configure astronomical charts to match those of our own time. But when April receives the map from the Dark People however, they imply that it had just been prepared for her. This implies that there is at least some sort of time difference between the two worlds, but there has been no other sign of it. The alternative is that, for some reason, Arcadia's skies - astronomically speaking - are 'stuck' in Earth's past, or that the absence of the Guardian has somehow affected the movement of the stars, though there is no corresponding disparity in Stark.

After deciphering the information on the Star Map, Burns secretly passed it on to the Vanguard, but was double-crossed by them. The map was reportedly stolen by the Vanguard and its current whereabouts are unknown.

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