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= The Longest Journey}}{{TemplateQuote, woman--you know how hard it is to find people to take a crappy job like this one? I need you!}}Stanley is the proprietor of the Fringe Cafe and April's boss. He has a thick accent - possibly Russian or Balkan - and is tight-fisted beyond belief. When April tries to get her wages from him, she actually has to threaten to quit before he'll pay her. Even then he tries to get away with giving her fifty dollars when her pay is more than three hundred. Stanley is also known to charge employees if they eat the complimentary candy at the bar.

He gives April the chance to work an extra shift when another waitress, Sandra, calls in 'sick'. From the reminder April scribbles for herself in her April's Diary, and the fact she has to keep a detailed timesheet, it sounds like Stanley is a stickler for punctuality, probably using tardiness as an excuse to dock his employees' pay.

Stanley is also a devotee of the Cult of Manu.

Stanley is voiced by http// Madison Arnold.

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