==The Longest Journey==
Continent south of the Great Sea, and home to the remnants of the Bakshevan Empire. Its two main cities are the coastal Monterba and Altaban, separated by the wasteland of Ch'Angagriel. This desert features several ''terukh'' (oases), and Silver Spear of GorimonGorimon draw many an unwary traveller. Its southernmost point is the Southern Capes.

Benrime Salmin, once a merchant in her native Southlands, tells April that some common goods of trade there are tobacco, wine and slaves. Tun Luiec is also a native.

The Southlands are home to both the Elgwan and the Kan'dar.

Brian tells Benrime that in the decade since TLJ he had visited, among other places, her native Southlands. He recounts to her the story of a local companion of his who was tricked into drinking fermented pig's blood. "He couldn't stand up straight for three days!" Benrime simply replies with a derisive "Southlanders".

Brian did not stop at the Southern Capes, however, but pressed on beyond them across the South Sea to lands "that are frozen through both winter and summer. The sun is as cold as the moon down there."
==Dreamfall Chapters==
The Iron Court is http// revealed as the government ruling over this "dangerous and wild continent."

In early map of Arcadia drawn by Ragnar in 1996/7,http// Ragnar's blog - early Arcadia map there is a large island called Mantsarrat near Altaban. It is also interesting that Monterba is not visible to the west of Ch'Angagriel.


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