A large, shark-like fish, the Snapjaw is distunguished by its broad jaw. April must spear a Snapjaw and take its Snapjaw Tooth as a trial in order to prove to the Maerum Queen that she is the Waterstiller.

The Snapjaw must be infamous in Arcadia, as Vestrum Tobias likens Ayrede's position between Tyren and Corasan as being "between the snapjaw and the gaintbeast".

Umber Ianos recalls the story of one of his men being devoured by the "dreaded mermen of the Sea of Songs", although when April suggests it could have been a shark he corrects her by calling it a "blackeyed snapjaw" (in response to her description of a shark as a "big fish with sharp teeth and dead-black eyes, and a large, triangular fin on top"). We cannot be certain if this is a specific variety of Snapjaw, or if it is simply Ianos' characterisitic embellishment.

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