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Sela is a goon whom Zoe encounters in the JIVA offices, at the Seshadri Industries building in Casablanca. When Zoë arrives, Sela is working at the front desk terminal, pretending she is a receptionist there. Unbeknownst to her, the Screen behind her head switches to CCTV footage of Helena Chang looking distressed and gesturing for help. If Zoë tries to distract Sela by complimenting her hair colour, Sela irritably says that the pigmentation is standard and "came with the implant". Zoë either has to take her down, or trick her into entering a storeroom before locking her in.

Sela is working with a partner, Kano, although whom they are working for is never explained. Given Chang's apparent rivalry with Alvin Peats and WATI, it is likely they have been hired by them.

In some of the early screenshots released of Dreamfall, Sela appeared as an older, plainer woman with glasses.

Sela is voiced by http// Hilary Cahill.

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