Scriptures of the Balance

The Scriptures of the Balance are thirteen scriptures telling the story of the Balance.


===The 1st Scripture of the Balance===
===The 2nd Scripture of the Balance The Scripture of Song===
===The 3rd Scripture of the Balance===
===The 4th Scripture of the Balance===
===The 5th Scripture of the Balance===
===The 6th Scripture of the Balance===
===The 7th Scripture of the Balance===
===The 8th Scripture of the Balance The Scripture of Breaking===

''Chapter 16''

"The Scriptures tell us that the Stone Disk was kept at the Enclave for many thousands of years, safely guarded from any threat by the respect held by every man and woman for the authority of the Sentinel. But with dissent came disobedience, and disobedience brought immorality, and immorality begat theft. Tyren soldiers, aided by Sentinel traitors, attempted to make away with the disk, but were thwarted by the Mother herself, intervening, although forbidden to do so, on behalf of the Fathers. The disc was brought safely back to the Enclave, but the threat would linger in the minds of the Minstrum and the Vestrum. So it became that the disc was melted in the forge of the dragon's mouth, shaped into the elements of four Magical Races, and given to these respective people for safe keeping until such a time when it was decreed that the disc should once more be whole.

One stone to the Banda. One stone to the Venar, the ones who are outside. One stone to the two that make one, of Alatien and of Maerum. And one stone to the Dark People, the eternally dark, the mariners. When the time comes for the disk to be whole again, one person will make a journey to the four who hold the pieces, and the pieces will be given willingly, because there will be no doubt to the righteousness of this person."
===The 9th Scripture of the Balance===
===The 10th Scripture of the Balance===
===The 11th Scripture of the Balance The Scripture of Time===

"Born of the emptiness between the Stars, shaped in unison with the All, part of the All, yet outside the All. Draic Kin'chyn."
===The 12th Scripture of the Balance===
===The 13th Scripture of the Balance (The Scripture of Reunification?)===

The Scripture of Reunification mentioned by Vestrum Tobias does not have a number attributed to it, although as this event would be after the events of TLJ it would make sense for it to be the last the 13th. All that we know of it is that it contains a mention of the Talisman of the Balance.

It appears that the canon is added to at an even later date, as Lady Alvane tells her Female Guest "If you had studied your Scriptures, child, you would know that the Thirteenth Guardian was the last Guardian to watch over the Balance." It is possible that this is a 14th Scripture, or that it is simply appended to the end of the 13th. It is also possible that it is from an entirely different body of scriptures that become significant after the Balance is no more.

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