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A magnetised screwdriver. April retrieves it from the NPD station when it's left behind by the Fat Repairman working on the broken door. She then uses the screwdriver to remove the AG Unit for Burns Flipper from the Shuttle 709 wreckage outside the police station. Later, in Marcuria, April uses the screwdriver's magnetised properties to win the crooked game from the Cups Handler. He mistakes it for a magic wand. In exchange for the screwdriver, April gets Crow back for Umber Ianos.

An inventory image exists for a scenario where the user could use the screwdriver to find out that the coins were magnetic, and thus could be used to foil the cups handler. This is not actually used in the game.

Obtained from the floor of the police station. You may notice that although this is located on the floor near the front of the desk, the animation of April finding it is near the repairmen's toolbox.

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