==The Longest Journey==
Audiovisual equipment that receives its signal not from radiowaves, but from data sent through a network of tiny wormholes. They can presumably be used to some extent as computers or at least data readers, as April has to point out that the data cube she finds in the NPD Archives cannot be read by the Screen in the living room of the Border House.

Screens can be found almost anywhere, and are even present on the Metro Line network April claims "there's no escape anywhere".
The original TLJ website had this to say about the screen and Stark media in general. These stories were originally accessible through the FACT

''"…Bob Porter with the weather. Bob?" ''

''"Well, Dan, we got temperatures in downtown ''Newport|''Newport'''' reaching forty degrees Celsius at noon today, making this the hottest day on record yet this summer. Combined with a humidity of almost ninety-eight percent, and reports that this is just the beginning of a long and extremely hot July, I'd advise everybody to just stay at home and crank up the air-conditioning!" ''

''"Thanks, Bob. I'll keep that in mind! And now, a look at the headlines, brought to you by the ''Newport News Network|''Newport News Network'''' and the ''Bokamba/Mercer Corporation'' -- making your life worth living." ''

''"Violent crime is up thirty-two percent across America in the past six months, says a report published in Alert! Magazine this week. Newport tops their list of the most dangerous cities in the nation, with one murder every four seconds. Alert! spokesperson Ruth Tillman encourages neighbourhood watch organizations across the city to step up their activities and take the law into their own hands. There has been no official response from the ''NPD|''Newport Police Department'''' as of yet, though the Commissioner did recommend in a screened statement yesterday that everybody should drink ''Bingo!|''Bingo!'''' soft-drinks to counteract the effects of the hot weather, and he also said, quote-unquote 'Let's all just cool down six notches, okay, babe?'. We're contractually bound to remind you that the Newport Police Department is a trademark of the Bingo! Corporation in co-operation with ''Malkuth Technologies Incorporated|''Malkuth Technologies Incorporated''''." ''

''"Newport has been chosen by the Society of Global Behavioralists for their annual Global Human Behavioral Seminar, taking place at the Glacier Palace Conference Centre on ''Grendel Avenue|''Grendel Avenue'''' from July 27th. Their main topic of discussion will of course be the ''Modern Dream Phenomena|''dream phenomena'''', an issue covered extensively by this channel in the past months, and leading researcher Dr. Lance Goldman will present his findings on the subject. We will of course be transmitting the entire seminar on our network, so press your Buy button now to book early!" ''

''"Finally, the BLO are threatening further military action this morning unless their specific demands are met by the end of next week. The BLO, or the Bovine Liberation Organization, are asking for the unconditional nation-wide release of all genetically bred animals into privately run animal sanctuaries. The BLO have in the past eleven months claimed responsibility for fourteen deadly attacks on ''Master Burger|''Master Burger'''' restaurants across America, and the death toll currently stands at 187 people. Master Burger has not issued a statement in response to the latest threats, but it's unlikely that they will yield to the demands of the BLO. Radical vegetarian militant group Sons of Soya is expected to join the BLO in a covert press-conference this afternoon, and we will bring you a live update when this happens." ''

Though most technology in Stark suffered after the Collapse, Screens still function and are still a large part of daily life. Zoe Castillo loves the large Screen in her room that is built into her window (though she had to pester Gabriel Castillo to get it for her). However, she becomes unnerved when Screens in Casablanca, and later throughout her journey, begin showing mysterious static and a Faith whenever she passes by.

==Easter Egg==
If the player mouses over the arm holding the Screen in the common room of the Border House, they will find an option to play an old Videos for TLJ

FileThe Longest Journey - trailer 1 (Feb. 1998)

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