A man Kian Alvane is dispatched to convert or kill in Marcuria, on the orders of the Six. The Scorpion is responsible for the deaths of many trueborn and is, the Six claim, the leader of the Rebels. The Six call him a butcher, and warn he might "sting" Kian before he can "sting" him. One soldier calls him a "Goddessless daemon", and another openly doubts the ability of Commander Vamon to catch him. According to the Six, the 'conversion' of the Scorpion was a personal order from the Prophet - the Scorpion's death is the 'last obstacle' in their work.

Kian must interrogate several people in Marcuria to track the Scorpion down, including a Zhid and Na'ane. Finally he convinces Na'ane, in return for allowing much-needed supplies to reach Swamp City, the Rebel base, to lead him to the Scorpion.

At the climax of Dreamfall, the Scorpion is revealed to be April Ryan.

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