Saint Petersburg

Major city in Russia. Zoe Castillo travels here, following Damien Cavanaugh's directions once he has isolated the coordinates to the source of the Static. His efforts lead her to a toy robot factory just outside the city where Faith underwent the Morpheus experimentation that caused her death. In the message Damien left for Zoë, he said he would be headed there if he got out of Japan safely, but there is no sign of him.

While we do not see the city itself, Zoë arrives in what is seemingly an abandoned industrial district of the city. Commenting on the area Zoë notes sarcastically "This is like a showroom for derelict industrial areas. Crates? Check. Barrels? Check. Burned out cars? Check." The supposedly WATI-owned factory stands out due to its new security system, and the security bird lurking on the roof.

The dilapidated neon sign that Zoë further damages simply reads Фабрика ('Factory'), proving that WATI could learn a thing or two about subtlety.

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