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Saga is the third playable character in Dreamfall Chapters. She is born in House of All Worlds, since her Etta is of a yet unknown (probably magical) race. When she's still a toddler, she has a "visitation" from an all-white ghost, resembling the reborn White Dragon reborn, who refers to her as "sister-daughter". Saga also appears to be immune to fire, being able to touch it without being hurt or even marked by it.

As she grows, Saga shows interest in drawing. At about age of 7-8 years she makes drawings that document events of The Longest Journey , knowing a lot of details from it, but strangely never referring to April Ryan by name. Her Magnus asks her to collect her drawings and arrange them in proper order, when she does it, however, a portal looking very much like a Shift appears in front of her, and she steps through it.

== Trivia ==

* Saga's birth is shown right after April's funeral. As she's born, a portal opens in the house.
* If the ghost woman is indeed The White of the Draic Kin, her referring to Saga as "sister-daughter" could mean that Saga is April Ryan reborn, since that's what the latter was for The White.
* Saga knows April's entire adventure, including things April herself was not aware of, but doesn't seem to know her name.
* When Saga opens a portal and leaves the house, the background music that plays is a mixed version of April's funeral theme.
* In Book Four Revelations, Abnaxus mentions that April is reborn in some way. Moreover, in Saga's room, there is a painting (by Saga) of a womanly figure sitting against a backdrop of the Border Mountains, along with other suggestions that Saga wants to become an artist, just like April. Finally, Saga herself clearly says that she can "make paths", and opens portals at will, just like April.

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