Capital of the Azadi Empire and holy city, no doubt dedicated to their Goddess and built on a delta where six rivers meet. It is characterised by white walls and gleaming towers, spires and bridges, heat and humidity. There are reportedly many machines in Sadir, although the brief glimpse players are given of the city in Dreamfall seems utterly devoid of them.

They export spices and machines to the frontier city of Marcuria, but they also import some machines in return. Young men from the provinces who wish to join the imperial army may do so at the age of 14 years of age, after which they must travel to the capital for training. Transport between the two cities is facilitated by the extensive fleet of Azadi Cloudships, which can navigate the intervening distance in about 2 days (it is 10 days by sea-going ship).

It is also the terminus point for political prisoners sent from Marcuria where they are - without exception - executed by axe-stroke. Indeed, this darker side of Sadir is felt - perhaps unconsciously - by outsiders (such as Brian Westhouse) who note the lack of Magical people in the city and the lack of "unauthorised magic" (the Azadi prefer the more sanitised 'thaumaturgy'). Even the clothes people wear are regulated by some degree by the theocracy.

Sadir is a place renowned for its guarding the safety of and respect for women, however, and is indeed the seat of the empresses of the empire, the Six. Other inhabitants of Sadir include Kian Alvane, Garmon Koumas, Child Ena, Amanon and Nozan.

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