Rose Court

Noble court that presides over Irhad, with a Dolmari emperor at its head. As we do not know much of Irhad we can assume that, like Ayrede, its population is composed of more than just one race, and the fact that the emperor is Dolmari is insignificant. Na'ane is from Irhad, and she does not share the blue skin of the Dolmari but instead sports a golden complexion. It still remains, however, that the only figure from the Rose Court of which we hear other than the Dolmari emperor is a Dolmari traveller whom Brian Westhouse met on a ship from Ge'en to Irhad. This lucky fellow had been able to visit the Dark People's Library, and even met the Mother.

At the time of Dreamfall the Rose Court is suing for peace with the expansionist Azadi. April suggests that this may be because they believe themselves able to negotiate an exemption from the Azadi ban on magic and suggests that, if this is true, "It's naive. And it's dangerous." She also points out that the very race of the Irhadian emperor would be a problem for the Azadi "The Six will never accept the hand of a Dolmari ruler."

The name "Rose Court" has the same poetic ring to it as Irhad's alias "Sun Empire". How exactly the court got this name, however, or what it might signify, has not yet been revealed.ruСуд Роз