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}}A dense forest to the north of Marcuria, in which the Banda dwell and the Gribbler made its lair. There is also rumoured to be a Venar Ring of Trees somewhere in Riverwood. April Ryan entered the woods on her way to Roper Klacks' Floating Castle; when she arrives at the wide river that flows through the forest - which presumably is the origin of its name - she discovers that the bridge appears to have been deliberately destroyed by fire. This could have been sabotage on the Tyren's part as one element of their battle plan, to restrict Marcurian troop movements or trap refugees in the forest; equally it could have been Klacks, getting bored with the stream of intruders; or the Gribbler diverting flies into her web. However, April leaves the road, sidetracked by the Gribbler, eventually heads to the Banda village and is able to continue from there through a swamp, criss-crossed by bridges. This takes her to the northern edge of Riverwood, to the valley below the Border Mountains and Klacks' castle. ruРивервуд CategoryThe Longest Journey CategoryArcadia CategoryLocations CategoryThe Longest Journey Locations